MicroPeel Your Way to Merrier Holiday Skin

winter skin care grand rapids | chemical peels miEveryone wants to look good for their holiday parties. At Elite we have a three-step process we call the MicroPeel that will do just that.

What is a MicroPeel?

Our MicroPeel is a safe and effective three-step process that removes a micro-thin top layer of your skin. What’s in this layer? Nothing you want — clogged pores, dead skin cells, and sun damaged skin. By removing this layer, a healthier underlayer of fresh, vibrant skin is revealed.

What can the MicroPeel help with?

The Elite MicroPeel not only removes those clogged pores, but it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It lightens hyperpigmentation; improves textures and skin tone; removes fine hair; and improves breakouts, skin oiliness, and other surface imperfections.

What is involved?

A MicroPeel involves three steps.

1. Dermaplaning — This is a manual exfoliation where a blade is moved across the skin at the perfect angle, removing surface debris and hair. This step prepares the skin for the…
2.Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel — This chemical peel lightly resurfaces the skin by removing the outer layer of the epidermis. It also stimulates collagen remodeling to improve hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, texture and skin imperfections.
3.Cryogenic Therapy — This anti-inflammatory and antibacterial freezing procedure increases the rate of cell turnover and leaves the skin feeling cool and clean.

Is there a recovery period?

Our MicroPeel is a true “lunchtime peel.” This is because there is little if any recovery time. You may experience slight redness and/or minor peeling in the days following the procedure, but all of that is minimal.

Schedule a consultation

So, why not get ready for the holidays with a MicroPeel? Call Elite Plastic Surgery at (616) 459-1907 to schedule your appointment. Elite Plastic Surgery serves Grand Rapids MI and surrounding areas.

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