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What to Do After Your Rhinoplasty

In April’s first blog, we went over some of the basics of nose surgery, rhinoplasty. In this month’s second blog we’re going to get into what happens afterwards. Whether your […]

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Beautiful Young Asian woman with clean fresh white skin touching her own nose softly with fingers in beauty pose. Girl closing her eyes, pink background. Facial treatment, cosmetology, surgery concept

A Primer on Everything Rhinoplasty

It’s easy to think that today’s aesthetic surgeries are new, reliant on technology, and in some cases such as endoscopic brow lifts that is true. But other procedures have been […]

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Gorgeous, young woman with clean, fresh skin is touching own face. Cosmetology.

The Vi Peel

During this past year we’ve all been on one too many Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls, and that’s given us all a good look at our own visage right there […]

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Woman with a scar on her shoulder

You Don’t Have to Hide that Scar

Human skin can be tricky. When injured it will invariably create a scar; that’s just the healing process as it builds collagen. But how that scar develops and how noticeable […]

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