Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Most people want to look as good as they feel, but aging, weight change, congenital features, or loss of skin tone often stand in the way of self-esteem. Surgically, there is much that can be done to reverse the facial signs of aging or to correct nature’s missteps.

At Elite Plastic Surgery, located in Grand Rapids, MI, we use the latest technologies combined with vast experience to accomplish the following procedures. We know how important it is to look and feel your best, and we know exactly what to do and how to help. If you’re interested in plastic surgery, give us a call at 616-459-1907 to schedule an appointment, or to see if plastic surgery is right for you!

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery includes a broad range of medical procedures that aim to enhance your features and improve functionality. They can also help you feel and look more attractive. Plastic surgery can be done for cosmetic or corrective reasons, both enhancing a patient’s life in different ways, but is mainly done to enhance functionality and correct issues.

Cosmetic surgery is used to improve a patient’s life aesthetically, while corrective plastic surgery is used to improve a patient’s functionality. Plastic surgery can be done to help reconstruct facial features a patient is having trouble with for example. This can include birth defects or disfigurements.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

While plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are used interchangeably, they both focus on two separate forms of surgery. Cosmetic surgery focuses on improving and enhancing an individual’s features and aesthetics. Cosmetic surgery does not help to improve functionality. These procedures include ones such as a facelift, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and more. These procedures are strictly done to improve an individual’s appearance.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, there is a large variety of procedures you can have done, that address many different parts of the face and around the head. These procedures can include:

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At Elite Plastic Surgery, located in Grand Rapids, MI, our team of healthcare professionals and experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream look and functionality. We know that even the smallest things can have an enormous impact on your confidence, so we want to help you feel like yourself again. We believe everyone deserves to look how they feel and live life to the fullest.

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