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What is a SkinCeuticals® MicroPeel

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The MicroPeel is a safe and effective three-step process that removes a micro-thin top layer of skin. This layer of skin consists of clogged pores that obstruct the development of healthy, beautiful skin. This in-office procedure combines dermaplaning, light chemical peeling and cryogenic therapy to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This procedure lightens hyperpigmentation, improves texture and skin tone, as well as improve breakouts/oil and skin imperfections. 

1. Dermaplaning – A manual exfoliation technique that safely and efficiently removes surface debris (dead skin cells) and prepares the skin for the chemical peel solution (AHA).
2. AHA
(Alpha Hydroxy Acid) – Using customized solutions formulated for lightly resurfacing the skin, this removes the outer epidermis, stimulates collagen remodeling to improve hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, texture and skin imperfections.
3. Cryogenic Therapy – This anti-inflammatory and antibacterial freezing procedure increases the rate of cell turnover and leaves skin feeling cool and clean.

This treatment requires little or no recovery time and could also be called a “lunchtime” peel.  You may experience slight redness and/or minor peeling in the days following the procedure.  A series of treatments is recommended for optimal and maintained results.

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What happens during the MicroPeel procedure?

A MicroPeel is a luxuriously beneficial skin treatment that typically takes 30 minutes. Steps to the treatment process include:

  • SkinCeuticals® MicroPeel Grand Rapids | Skin Peel Byron Center MiThe skin is cleansed by the provider.
  • Dermaplaning is performed to remove dead and damaged skin cells. Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade to gently resurface the skin. This manual resurfacing prepares the upper layers of the skin for the best absorption of the chemical exfoliants that are applied next.
  • A special SkinCeuticals MicroPeel solution is applied to the face to achieve deeper exfoliation. Several solutions are available for this stage of the process, which allows us to customize the peel to each person’s needs. Some solutions are developed for sensitive skin and some for pigment correction. Ingredients include salicylic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid. During the chemical peel portion of treatment, patients may feel mild stinging, burning, or itching. This is remedied with cryogenic therapy.
  • The final portion of the MicroPeel is cryogenic therapy. This clinical freezing process applies carbon dioxide to the skin to reduce the inflammatory response to exfoliation and increase the rate of cellular turnover. The application of cryogenic therapy immediately sloughs off dead and damaged cells and unblocks the pores so the skin looks smooth and radiant right away.

There is no downtime after a MicroPeel. It is possible to go right back to work and other activities as normal. Makeup can be applied right after treatment, with care taken to first apply sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF 30.

What should I know prior to having this procedure?

The MicroPeel process affects multiple superficial layers of the skin for a quick boost in beauty. Because both mechanical and chemical exfoliation is conducted during this brief treatment, it is necessary to be ultra-kind to the skin in the week before the MicroPeel.

Experts suggest avoiding laser treatments, harsh skincare products, and tanning before undergoing any type of chemical peel treatment.

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How does sun exposure affect me before and after the treatment?

SkinCeuticals® MicroPeel Grand Rapids | Skin Peel Byron Center MiSun exposure does immense damage to the skin. If you are scheduled for a MicroPeel, we suggest limiting sun exposure before your treatment to allow the tissue to settle from the irritating effects of UV light.

Exfoliating treatments like dermablading and chemical peels each rid the skin of cellular and environmental debris. This is done to reveal new, healthy cells. The cells that are exposed after a MicroPeel are relatively fragile and can be susceptible to damage. As such, they should be protected. Experts recommend avoiding sun exposure for several months after deeper exfoliating treatments. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher should be worn daily and reapplied frequently when outdoors for more than an hour.

What makes SkinCeuticals® MicroPeel different from other chemical peels?

The SkinCeuticals® MicroPeel is not just a chemical peel. It is a three-step process that removes a significant amount of cellular buildup on the skin and accelerates the process of cellular turnover. A standard chemical peel prompts the process of sloughing off dead skin cells. After such treatment, the skin flakes for up to several days. The MicroPeel prepares the skin for maximum exfoliation and then sees that process through using clinically-proven cryogenic therapy. In combination, the steps of the MicroPeel promote smoother, more radiant skin with zero downtime.  

How often can I get this treatment done?

For optimal results, patients with significant sun damage or cosmetic aging are encouraged to schedule a series of 4 to 6 MicroPeel treatments. These are scheduled at two-week intervals. After the series of treatments have been completed, the skin can be well-supported with treatments every two to three months. Additionally, the effects of a MicroPeel can be maintained with medical-grade SkinCeuticals skincare used regularly.

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