General Plastic Surgery

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is a very specialized field of medicine that skillfully employs the principles of both orthopedic and plastic surgeries. Our Hand Surgery Centre practice has been serving West Michigan since 1917. Each of our physicians has mastered comprehensive training in hand surgery.

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Scar Revision

These procedures are performed to improve scars resulting from trauma, burns or previous surgery. Scar revision may involve surgery, injections or even laser treatment of the scars.

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Skin Cancer Removal & Reconstruction

Skin cancer of many types can be treated with surgical removal and reconstruction. As plastic surgeons, we will plan the removal of the skin cancer to achieve the best aesthetic result possible without compromising your cancer treatment.

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Complex Wound Surgery

These procedures include flap surgery or skin grafts to cover wounds from vascular disease, radiation therapy, trauma or cancer resection. Complex wound surgery is often the most challenging surgery we perform and often utilize the most up-to-date microsurgical techniques.

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Burn Care & Reconstruction

Initial treatment of burns should occur in a dedicated burn center. Our physicians are on staff at the Spectrum Health Regional Burn Unit located at Butterworth Hospital. We provide immediate burn care and reconstruction of deformities resulting from burns. This may include scar revision, scar release, skin grafting, flap surgery or the use of skin substitutes.

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