Make Your Makeup Permanent

Permanent Make-up Grand Rapids, MIDermapigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation…or permanent makeup. Whatever your term, at Elite we offer to put an end to the daily tedium of applying eyeliner or lip liner through applying permanent makeup.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup uses a tattoo pen to inject permanent ink into the skin. The depth isn’t the same as a traditional tattoo, but the idea is the same. The ink resembles makeup that would have just been applied. At Elite, we use permanent makeup for eyeliner and lip liner.

How is it applied?

Permanent is applied with a tattoo pen. Each procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes. We first apply topical numbing anesthetic to make you comfortable. Then we apply the color. Initially, the color appears brighter than it will, but this fades to the color you desire.

Would permanent makeup be a good thing for me?

Permanent makeup is great for convenience and simplicity. You can benefit if:

  • You have a difficult time applying makeup due to age or conditions such as arthritis that make your hand shake.
  • You have allergies to traditional makeup.
  • You have sensitive skin that is continually irritated by makeup.
  • You’re tired of the daily chore of applying makeup.

How long will it take for my results to show?

Immediately after your micropigmentation session, the pigment will be very sharp and dark, and you’ll think it is way too strong. Not to worry. This is simply because the pigment is still very high in the skin. It settles in and the pigment softens. This takes around one month. At that point, you return for your second appointment and we make any adjustments or touch-ups that you want.

How long does it last?

Micropigmentation doesn’t place the ink as deeply as a tattoo, so the results are not permanent. Your results will usually last from one to two years, and then a touch-up session will probably be needed.

Tired of applying eyeliner and lip liner day after day? Contact the team at Elite, 616-459-1907, and ask about permanent makeup.

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