Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Grand Rapids MIWho relishes the daily chore of applying eyeliner or trying to even out asymmetrical lips with lip liner? At Elite Plastic Surgery, we make both of those tedious chores a thing of the past with permanent makeup. Currently, we’re offering permanent eyeliner and permanent lip liner for our patients.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup (also called cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, or dermapigmentation) is a form of tattooing that implants pigment into the upper layer of the skin eliminating the daily hassle of applying makeup. Although the color will fade over time because permanent makeup is not placed as deeply into the skin as a body tattoo, occasional touchups will keep it looking great.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup applied by our Elite Plastic Surgery aestheticians is a great answer for people who are allergic to traditional cosmetics. Eyeliner is especially problematic for some, leaving the eyes itchy and watery. Plus, for older people whose hands may not be quite as steady as they once were, permanent makeup eliminates this irritating chore. Permanent makeup never runs or smears, and it makes your morning routine that much easier!

How Is Permanent Makeup Applied?

At Elite we provide permanent eyeliner and lip liner. Here’s how we do it:

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner Grand Rapids MI

Before we begin, your technician asks a battery of questions about how you like to wear your eyeliner. Do you prefer it to be thicker/thinner? Do you apply it evenly on the top and bottom eyelid? We have photos of patients that you can base your treatment on, if you wish. The most popular option is a simple black line that is a touch thicker on the upper eyelid than the lower. Of course, if you prefer to only have your upper eyelid done, that’s an option.

For all patients, we apply a topical anesthetic to your eyelids throughout the procedure to keep you comfortable.

Your technician uses a sterile, disposable pen to sketch the line of the tattoo. With even pressure using the “hand method”, the needle applies the pigment to the top layer of the skin. Each time the needle penetrates the skin a droplet of pigment is released into the hole made by the needle. Your technician will usually make 4-6 passes across both eyes to complete the procedure. You will feel some slight stinging at times.

Permanent Lip liner

We use permanent lip liner to define your lips, not to create volume (that’s the domain of dermal fillers). Permanent lip liner can make thin lips appear more full. It can even out uneven lips. The tattoo used for lip liner is a bit different than applying traditional lip liner. In this process, your technician creates an outline on the border of the lip, but she also shades the color into the middle of the lip just to give it a blended, natural look.

Our permanent lip liner is not a full lip color tattoo, but it makes your lips look fuller and balanced. The process is the same as administering the permanent eyeliner. Local anesthetic is used, as the lips are very sensitive.

Does Permanent Makeup Fade?

Permanent makeup does not use regular tattoo ink because it tends to look artificial. Instead, we use pigment, which is thicker and looks more natural. However, the skin does exfoliate continually (including the lips), so since the pigment isn’t placed as deeply in the skin as tattoo ink, the color will fade. This happens more quickly on the lips because you are eating and drinking.

Periodic touch-ups will be necessary to maintain the depth of the color.

When Will I Need to Return for Touch-Ups?

Since permanent makeup uses pigment rather than tattoo ink (which is basically dye), your permanent makeup will fade with time. Some things that affect the longevity are the color selected, your age, your use of skin care products, injectables, medications used, and sun exposure. Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s hard to know how fast your permanent makeup will fade.

We include one initial touch-up after your eyelids or lips have fully recovered, just to make sure the color is even and you are satisfied. From there, you can expect to want to touch up the color every year or two.

Is There Any Recovery After My Permanent Makeup Procedure?

You will have mild swelling, redness, or tenderness that lasts several days. You may have some slight bruising with both lip and eyeliner procedures. At first, your color will look very dark, but don’t worry, as this is normal. It will lighten within 7-10 days and will continue to lighten over the next few weeks. Because integrating the pigment requires puncturing the skin, you will have some scabbing on both areas. This is normal, and you must try not to pick these. You will apply ointment to the tattooed area for protection and to minimize scabbing/crusting. Most people don’t find their “recovery” really much to deal with and don’t feel it is necessary to take time off work. Of course, this is up to you.

What Are the Risks of Having Permanent Makeup?

We will discuss the risks involved with permanent makeup during your consultation, but this is a safe procedure when performed by our experienced technicians. Many of the risks associated with permanent makeup are the same as with tattoos on other parts of the body. Bleeding may occur, and swelling, bruising, and tenderness are common. Allergic reactions to the pigment used are rare, but possible. Hyperpigmentation is possible in patients with darker skin tones. More rare is the formation of keloid scars around the tattooing areas.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering permanent makeup, please request a consultation with our team at (616) 459-1907 today! Elite Plastic Surgery serves Grand Rapids MI and surrounding areas.

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