See the Future. Be the Future.

plastic surgerySometimes having a cosmetic surgery procedure can be scary because you’re never really sure what you will look like afterwards. Visualizing 300cc implants isn’t easy for most people, even with bras and other models that are designed to help.

But at Elite, you can see the future with our Crisalix 3D simulations.

What is Crisalix?

Crisalix allows our patients to see a very accurate simulation of what they will look like after their surgery. Crisalix creates 3D simulations for many aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures based simply off of standard 2D photos. Crisalix is the first web-based 3D simulation application.

How does Crisalix work?

Users register and upload three standard pictures — one from the front, and two from each side — into the website. Next, Crisalix software renders the photos with the proposed changes, creating a three-dimensional new simulation based on your actual body.

Crisalix is very valuable for breast augmentation because the patient can see what changes in cup size, volume, and projection will look like after surgery. It even simulates for implant types and surgical techniques.

Crisalix can also be used on most facial procedures, from rhinoplasty to Botox injections to facelifts.

Crisalix removes the unknowns

The first question most patients have is, “What will I look like after the procedure?”

Now, at Elite we can show you. This takes much of the mystery out of the procedure. In fact, Crisalix has research that says 89% of patients proceed to surgery after seeing their Crisalix simulations.

So, like Ty Webb told Danny Noonan in Caddyshack, “See your future. Be your future.” Use the Crisalix 3D simulation system to see your future at Elite Plastic Surgery.

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