Three Options for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction SurgeryOverly large breasts can be a burden, literally. The weight and downward pressure can lead to back problems, grooves from bra straps, posture issues, rashes, and a host of other problems. Plus, due to the attention overly large breasts attract, they can be difficult mentally, making the person avoid may social situations. Large breasts can also preclude participation in many types of exercise.

For those reasons and more, many women opt to have breast reduction surgery with our team at Elite. There are different options available and you will discuss these during your consultation.

Here are the three most common breast reduction techniques.

Traditional breast reduction surgery

This method is best for women with extremely large breasts. Your Elite surgeon will make an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola, drops downward toward the crease at the bottom of the breast, and traverses outward in both directions. Although this method creates more scarring, it allows the best access for removal of excess skin, fat, and tissue.

Vertical incision breast reduction

This method is sometimes called the “lollipop technique” or the “short scar technique.” The incision is similar to the traditional incision, without the outward continuation along the breast crease. Here the incision on each breast circles the areola and drops straight down to the breast crease. Vertical incision reductions are good for women with moderately large breasts who don’t need extensive tissue removal.

Scarless breast reduction

Liposuction is used in this method to reduce the breast size with little or no scarring. Obviously, this method does not change the size or appearance of the nipples and areolae, as it only removes fatty tissue. But if the patient has more fatty tissue than glandular tissue, this method can be a great option.

If you’re tired of your overly large breasts, both physically and mentally, it may be a good option to reduce their size. Call us at Elite, 616-459-1907, and schedule a breast reduction consultation.

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