Dealing With The Emotional And Physical Effects Of Plastic Surgery

young man with lines getting plastic operation on eyelidsPlastic surgery can be an emotionally and physically challenging decision. This article serves as an overview, offering advice on the potential physical obstacles that may come with face or body plastic surgery. Our goal in this blog is to discuss pre-operative coping strategies, so individuals can prepare mentally and physically for what is often described as a “rollercoaster” of emotions.

Pre-Surgery Excitement

Many patients experience anticipation, fear, and apprehension before surgery. A before and after photo, following their surgeon’s social media accounts or talking to someone who’s had the same surgery can help them process their emotions and prepare for surgery. As the surgery day gets closer, worry and anxiety might creep in. To help manage these feelings, patients can try practicing mindfulness activities like meditation or yoga. Speaking with others who have experienced a similar situation can also reduce stress.

Post-Surgery Emotional and Physical Experience

The “Downs” Immediately After Surgery

Patients may experience physical pain, nausea, and fatigue after surgery. However, they can also feel relieved that the surgery has been successful. As such, medical staff may provide medication to manage the patient’s pain and assist with daily activities upon request.

The “Downs” During Initial Recovery

After a week, patients may start to feel sad or depressed and may regret undergoing surgery. They may experience physical discomforts, such as swelling and inflammation, and nitpick the surgery’s results. Healing may take up to three months. Families, friends, or mental health professionals can help patients manage their emotions during this stage.

The “Ups” Three Months After Surgery

After three months, patients begin to feel more normal and can resume their routines. The swelling decreases and patients can try on clothes and buy new outfits. They can see the surgery results and may consider additional procedures.

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