ProFractional Laser Therapy

ProFractional™ Therapy Grand Rapids, MI The idea is to make millions of small punctures in the turf, but leave the surrounding turf untouched. This allows penetration of nutrients, water, and air. Plus, it encourages new root development. The result is healthier turf once the holes fill in and the turf grows over.

The concept behind ProFractional Therapy at Elite isn’t all that different. The laser makes thousands of microscopic channels through the epidermis of the skin down into the dermis, the second layer. Surrounding these microscopic channels is untouched skin that quickly goes about healing the microscopic punctures. The procedure allows penetration of various skin nutrients, and it encourages the production of new collagen. Since collagen is the skin’s protein that provides structure and firmness, increased collagen improves overall skin tone and firmness. Also, the channels help break down issues such as acne scarring and other skin problems.

Who knew our skin had so much in common with turf? At Elite Plastic Surgery, we use ProFractional Therapy to improve our patients’ skin without surgery or real involved downtime.

How does ProFractional work?

ProFractional uses laser energy to create thousands of pinpoint punctures in the skin of your treatment area. We apply a topical numbing cream before treatment, so the procedure is comfortable. When the tiny channels are made down into the dermis, the body reacts as if it has been wounded. This reaction is to trigger an increase in collagen production, along with new skin cells, to “heal” the wound. In reality, the microscopic channels are fully healed within a couple of hours after your treatment. Still, the collagen increase continues for months. This firms and improves your skin.

Where is ProFractional used?

Most skin areas can be treated, but these are the most popular treatment areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Chest
  • Hands

What happens after my treatment?

Immediately following your ProFractional session, your skin will have some redness and will feel as if you’ve had a light sunburn. You’ll want to keep the skin moist with skin care products that both nourish and keep the skin moist. As your skin fully heals, you’ll notice a general tightening effect. This is temporary. Your true results come as your collagen remodels and rebuilds. This occurs over the next four to six months.

Interested in ProFractional Therapy at Elite? Call us at 616-459-1907 to make an appointment.

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