Plastic Surgery Beyond the Cosmetic

elite plastic surgery grand rapids miWhen you say plastic surgery, most people immediately think of a facelift or a tummy tuck. But, of course, long before surgeons were performing those procedures, they were using plastic surgery techniques to help patients recover physically and mentally from things such as wounds, burns, cancer treatments, and other conditions. The term “plastic” in plastic surgery actually comes from a Greek term meaning to re-shape.

At Elite, our skilled surgical team performs general plastic surgery for a variety of conditions or problems.

Hand surgery

Our Hand Surgery Centre has been around for 100 years, opening just prior to the First World War Originally intended to help those injured in industrial workplaces, the Centre has evolved, adapting new techniques and advances along the way. From delicate procedures like microsurgery and joint replacement to the correction of carpal tunnel syndrome and hand fractures, our surgeons are second to none.

Scar revision

Whether the scar is a result of trauma, burns, or previous surgery, we utilize scar revision surgery, injections, even laser treatment to make it far less visible.

Skin cancer removal and reconstruction

Most skin cancers are treated surgically to remove the growths and also to reconstruct some areas. The need for reconstruction can especially be true on the face, particularly the nose.

Complex wound surgery

These procedures include flap surgery or skin grafts to cover wounds from vascular disease, radiation therapy, trauma, or cancer resection. These surgeries can be quite complex, often requiring the latest microsurgery techniques.

Burn care and reconstruction

Initial treatment of burns should occur in a dedicated burn center. Our surgeons are on staff at the Spectrum Health Regional Burn Unit located at Butterworth Hospital. We provide immediate burn care and reconstruction of deformities resulting from burns. This may include scar revision, scar release, skin grafting, flap surgery, or the use of skin substitutes.

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