How To Improve a Weak Chin

young woman with beautiful smile on grey wallA weak chin, also known as retrogenia or a receding chin, occurs when the chin slopes further backward to the neck. This normally happens when the lower jaw (mandible) is not aligned with the upper jaw. Luckily, this isn’t something to be worried about since a cosmetic procedure can correct the condition.

Elite Plastic Surgery can offer you the facial and cosmetic treatments you need to achieve your desired aesthetic goals. The combined experience of the board-certified surgeons will ensure that you have confidence in any facial surgery that will give you the asymmetrical appearance you strongly crave.

Experienced doctors will recommend the best treatment that suits your needs. For instance, if your condition isn’t severe, the plastic surgeons will likely recommend home remedies, including regular massage or clever contouring tactics.

However, for effective treatment strategies, at Elite Plastic Surgery, the surgeons recommend dermal fillers and chin surgery. These are non-surgical procedures that will give you remarkable long-lasting results.

Dermal fillers are non-invasive and painless. The treatment will help in reshaping your jawline. It will also help enhance your lips, reduce wrinkles, and refine your facial structure. With these perks, dermal fillers are a great treatment option for treating a receding chin.

The dermal fillers use injectable hyaluronic acid. This acid is produced naturally in the body, meaning the injectable acid will have no side effects on your body. The acid helps in managing the skin’s hydration levels, which in turn leads to plump smoothness. Another advantage of dermal fillers is that the results can last for months, giving you a long-term solution to looking younger and beautiful.

The best treatment option for a weak chin is one that experienced cosmetic surgeons recommend. Besides improving your weak chin, you can also consider undergoing other procedures to ensure you achieve your appearance goals.

To learn more about facial treatment options and other plastic surgery procedures offered at Elite Plastic Surgery, contact us at (616) 459-1907, Grand Rapids, Michigan or visit The plastic surgeons here will give you the facial uplift you’ve longed for years.

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