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Using Fractions to Get Better Skin

OK, so maybe fractions weren’t your favorite part of math when you were in school. But as an adult, your skin loves fractions — fractionated non-ablative laser treatments, that is! […]

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Laser Power for Your Skin

Lasers are all around us these days. From helping get an accurate yardage on the links at English Hills to scanning our groceries at Meijer, lasers are on the job. […]

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Laser Treatments Grand Rapids, MI

Get the Red Out

At Elite Plastic Surgery, we can precisely treat visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular lesions, and discoloration with our ClearScan laser. This laser is gentle enough to be used […]

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ProFractional™ Therapy Grand Rapids, MI

ProFractional Laser Therapy

The idea is to make millions of small punctures in the turf, but leave the surrounding turf untouched. This allows penetration of nutrients, water, and air. Plus, it encourages new […]

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Lasers Beyond Star Wars

At Elite Plastic Surgery our name can be a bit of a misnomer. After all, we perform many procedures that don’t require any surgery. Our Contour TRL laser peels are […]

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ProFractional Therapy

Aerating Your Skin, Sort Of

This time of year, everyone is familiar with the concept of aeration. Whether you play golf and are putting on greens that were aerated the week before, or whether it’s […]

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Our Various Laser Treatments

At Elite Plastic Surgery, although we’re fans of Star Wars, we use our lasers to rejuvenate your skin, not blast marauding storm troopers. Our team utilizes a variety of laser […]

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