Aerating Your Skin, Sort Of

ProFractional Therapy grand rapids miThis time of year, everyone is familiar with the concept of aeration. Whether you play golf and are putting on greens that were aerated the week before, or whether it’s your front yard, greenskeepers professional and amateur know that punching small holes in the turf makes it healthier when it heals.

Well, that’s kind of the concept behind ProFractional laser therapy; only instead of your lawn it’s your skin.

What is ProFractional laser therapy?

In a ProFractional treatment at Elite, we use a tiny laser beam to create thousands of microscopic channels down into the dermis (the second layer) of your skin. Because only a “fraction” of the skin is being harmed, the majority of the skin surrounding the channels remains unharmed and promotes rapid healing. The microscopic wounds trigger a wound response in the body, which creates new collagen to heal the perceived wound. Collagen is the skin’s underlying support system, but the body drops production as we age. In fact, each year after a human reaches the age of 20 collagen production drops one additional percent each year. The wound response triggered by the ProFractional laser makes the body create new collagen in the treatment areas. This makes the skin firmer and younger looking.

How a ProFractional treatment works

First, your skin is cleaned in the treatment area and your eyes are covered with protective shields. Next, the laser handpiece is positioned gently on the skin and the laser energy is applied. You will hear a rapid succession of snapping sounds. The technician then moves the handpiece to the next treatment area until the entire target has been covered. A session normally takes just 15 to 30 minutes. For the comfort of the patient, we apply a numbing cream to the target areas prior to using the ProFractional laser.

What to expect immediately after surgery

Immediately following the procedure, you may have some mild redness and the sensation of mild sunburn. Ointment lessens the sensation. In just a few days, your healing should be complete. After your treatments, your skin will be sensitive to ultraviolet light, so you must avoid the sun exposure without sunscreen.

When will I start to see results?

Your skin will fully heal in just a few days. At that point, you may notice some skin tightening. That will increase. The collagen remodeling will increase and show itself over the next four to six months.

Schedule a consultation

Interested in getting better skin? Contact us at Elite Plastic Surgery or call us at (616) 459-1907 and ask about ProFractional treatments.



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