Arm Lift Grand Rapids, MI

Bat Wings Are for DC Comics

Significant weight gain or weight loss, or simply the relentless march of time, can create loose skin on the upper arms. This results in unsightly, inelastic flabby areas on the […]

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Hand Surgery Grand Rapids, MI

Tennis Elbow Isn’t an Ace

Since we’re coming up on the U.S. Open tennis tournament, it’s seems apropos to have a blog about tennis elbow. This inflammation of the tendons in the elbow can make […]

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Dermal Fillers Grand Rapids, MI

Restylane® Keeps Growing the Line

When it comes to replacing volume on facial wrinkles, there are two big names — Juvederm and Restylane. Restylane® was the original dermal filler, first approved by the FDA for use […]

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Botox Grand Rapids, MI

Botox is a Celebrity

Since we just had the Oscars a few weeks back, we’ve had our fill of celebrity watching. And while we don’t get all that many celebrities here in Grand Rapids, […]

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Laser Hair Removal Grand Rapids MI

Good Time to Bid Hair Goodbye

It’s been a whopper of a winter here in Grand Rapids, but eventually, summer will come, and with its trips to the lakes and rivers all around. Wouldn’t it be […]

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