Arm Lift Surgery: A Three-Part Boost to Your Aesthetic

Arm lift surgeryWith the onset of one’s older years, the skin naturally begins to lose its natural elasticity and luster, commonly in the form of wrinkles and sagging. Sagging skin can be a massive bother no matter where it decides to appear on your body. But age isn’t the only cause of sagging skin, as significant weight loss can also leave extra sagging behind that the body can’t naturally tighten. Thankfully, in either case, mentioned above, arm lift surgery is a tried and true method of dealing with this unwanted sagging as it appears around your arm.

Also known as brachioplasty, arm lift surgery is one of the most beloved forms of body contouring because of its ability to effectively return a toned and youthful look to one’s arms. The three most common reasons you ought to consider arm lift surgery are if you’re looking to:

Eliminate Sagging Skin and Excess Pockets of Fat

Of course, you’ll want to consider arm lift surgery first and foremost because you have sagging skin that hangs unwanted under your arms. The procedure involves a long incision where the excess fat and skin will be extracted from (Don’t worry—you’ll be given anesthetics to ensure that this is entirely painless). That extra skin can not only be an eyesore for some patients, but it can also be a physical discomfort, which leads to the next point.

Feel More Comfortable With Your Body

Whether you are dealing with an extreme case of arm sagging or are unsatisfied with the look of your arm with a more manageable amount of sagging, arm lift surgery will ensure that you are comfortable in your body once you’ve adequately healed from the procedure. And if that’s something you’re looking for, then an arm lift is the way to go.

Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Body Image

Finally, if your primary motivator is to have a happier and healthier body image (and the confidence that comes along with it), then that is just as valid a reason as any other! Arm lift surgery frequently helps patients achieve the body they worked hard for through dieting, exercising, and wise lifestyle choices.

First-Class Arm Lift Surgery by Elite Plastic Surgery

Does arm lift surgery sound like something that you could benefit from? Then reach out to Elite Plastic Surgery today at 616-459-4131 to schedule your initial consultation. With a team of immensely experienced and talented plastic surgeons at the ready, Elite Plastic Surgery offers industry-leading treatments in Grand Rapids, MI, and its surrounding areas.

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