Living with and Treatment for Gynecomastia

While the growth of breast tissue enlargement can be alarming for men, it doesn’t always mean breast cancer. Technically known as Gynecomastia, male breast tissue becomes swollen and noticeably pronounced. Many times, this is due to high levels of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen is normal in men, but if it becomes overabundant, it can play a role in male breast tissue forming.

Causes Vary

Again, while it can be hormone-triggered, usually with an excessive level of estrogen versus testosterone present, Gynecomastia can be caused by other conditions as well. Those include medical side effects, illegal drugs, steroids, and excessive weight gain.

Physical Impacts

Enlarged male breasts can be accompanied by tenderness or pain. The nipples can become larger or more prominent. The skin around the breast area may stretch or become more elastic.

Social Impacts and Related Stress

Men with breast tissue can lead to emotional distress for those who are particularly sensitive about their appearance. Men with enlarged breasts may experience negative body image, leading to self-esteem and confidence issues. Fear of judgment or teasing from others may contribute to social anxiety. Also, you may not want to enjoy activities that you previously enjoyed, such as swimming or running.

Treatments and Procedures

In severe cases, both treatment and procedures can be applied to address the effects of excess male breast tissue. The primary concern is first to ensure that the cause is not related to a cancer-type cause. Again, this is rare. When cleared, a physician can evaluate a patient’s success with treatments or procedures and advise which is the best path for a patient’s specific case need.

A Support System is Available for Patients With Real Solutions

Be sure to consult a professional about gynecomastia. Our team at Elite Plastic Surgery can help patients suffering from Gynecomastia and similar conditions. With a full evaluation and diagnosis, our team can provide real solutions as well as help patients recover their confidence in their bodies. Call us to schedule an appointment at (616) 459-1907 or toll-free at (866) 331-0612, or you can contact us online at our website.

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