Want to Change Your Nose?

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Grand Rapids, MI Noses are like annoying in-laws — everyone has one. But at least you only usually have to see them once a year or so. Your nose? It’s there every morning when you wake up and look in the mirror. That bump on the bridge? Hi, here I am! Those flared nostrils? Hi, what’s up?

Ugh. You can cover facial blemishes and the like with a little makeup, but you can’t hide those imperfections with your nose. But you could have the expert surgeons at Elite Plastic Surgery come to the rescue. They could reshape your nose and give you a nose you like to see every morning.

Our team has extensive experience with rhinoplasty, the clinical term for nose surgery. It can really change your self-image. That’s probably why nose surgery, along with the facelift, are two of the longest performed surgeries of the aesthetic world.

So, what about you? Do you hate your nose? These are the most common reasons people have Drs. Armstrong, Cullen, or Martin reshape their nose at Elite.

Different Reasons for Wanting Nose Surgery 

  • Surgery for the tip of the nose— If you believe the tip of your nose is too bulbous or pointy, cartilage can be removed from inside the nose. Projection can be extended by using cartilage from the ear or nasal septum, grafting it onto the tip.
  • Columellar reduction or augmentation— The columella is big word for a little parcel of skin — the skin on the bottom of your nose between the nostrils. On some people, the columella extends downward and is visible beneath the nose. To remedy this, a small incision is made inside the nose and the columella is lifted subtly so it stops protruding downward.
  • Dorsal reduction or augmentation— Many people have bumps or humps on the bridge of their nose. These can be removed by shaving down the bone of the bump from the bridge of the nose.
  • Minimizing nostril flair— Flaring nostrils are not usually a tenet of an attractive nose. To address them, we remove tissue at the corners of the nostrils (the Weir Excision) to decrease the flare and make the nose appear narrower.
  • Functionality — Your ability to breathe efficiently depends, in part, on the anatomical configuration inside your nose. This includes the condition of the nasal septum (the cartilage that divides your nose into two chambers), along with the nasal turbinate (tissue along the sides of the nasal wall). We can improve breathing by either straightening your septum or reducing the size of your turbinates. We can also repair previous injuries to improve breathing performance.

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Why do you keep on hating that nose you see in the mirror every morning? Call us at Elite Plastic Surgery, (866) 331-0612, and set up a consultation for nose surgery.

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