Can a Rhinoplasty Change Your Voice?

RhinoplastyWith over 200,000 procedures being performed yearly in the U.S. alone, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Despite its popularity, however, many still have questions and misconceptions about the procedure. For example, did you know that rhinoplasties aren’t just a cosmetic procedure? They can have functional benefits as well.

Learn more about the procedure today if you’re wondering if you should get a rhinoplasty.

What Do Rhinoplasties Help With?

Rhinoplasties can have a variety of benefits by altering the size and shape of a nose while helping you achieve the appearance you’d like.

Along with cosmetic benefits, rhinoplasties can also help with chronic sinusitis and sleeping issues such as snoring and improving breathing, which can have various effects, from aiding sleep to improving performance during exercise.

Speak to a doctor to learn more about how a rhinoplasty can help you.

Will Rhinoplasty Affect Your Voice?

Studies have shown that reductive rhinoplasties have demonstrated an alteration in voice. Though some have noted changes, the extent of these changes has been noted as “subtle.”

These changes can be due to various factors and are not expected with every rhinoplasty. Depending on your procedure, from the desired outcome to the shape and size of your nasal passages, you may or may not expect vocal changes.

Ensure you speak to your doctor to understand if you should expect vocal changes.

Rhinoplasty at Elite Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids, MI

Regardless of your reason for a rhinoplasty, make sure you work with a trained, board-certified surgeon. Board-certified doctors have gone through extensive, rigorous training to receive certification. While true that every doctor has gone through tremendous training, board-certified doctors have gone even further; receiving more education and then demonstrating that competency to a board.

At Elite Plastic Surgery, each of their four plastic surgeons is board-certified with over 40 years of combined experience. Using a careful, analytical approach, the care team at Elite Plastic Surgery will ensure you understand the procedure at every step to ensure your satisfaction.

To learn more about what a rhinoplasty can do for you and what you can expect from the procedure, please call 616-459-1907 to schedule a consultation.

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