Let’s Talk About Hand Surgery

Hand SurgeryNot one day goes by that you do not use your hands. You use your hands to turn the doorknob, lift a toothbrush, wash yourself, and other daily activities. Given how often you use your hands, it should come as no surprise that your hands can develop malformations and deformities. Luckily, hand surgery is an option for people who have hand-related issues.

What Are the Types of Hand Surgery?

There are more than five hand-related malformations under which a plastic surgeon can operate. Only four of the most commonly performed hand surgeries are listed below for your convenience. Should you have further questions, please see our contact information below.


People with rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes may develop tendonitis as well as people who overuse their hands and arms. Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon (which connects the muscle to a bone). An orthopedic plastic surgeon can reattach a severed tendon or replace it during a surgical procedure.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a persistent pain on the outside of your elbow and it is primarily a condition seen in athletes. Frequent and repetitive moving and twisting of your elbow causes tennis elbow. It can spread to your hand and upper arm, and may require surgery if other treatments are ineffective.

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger (or thumb) is caused by inflammation of the tendon. If you have this condition, then one or more of your fingers or thumb clicks or locks whenever you try to move it or them. Hand surgery on the pulley can alleviate this condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You may develop carpal tunnel syndrome if your profession requires you to manipulate your fingers or wrist repeatedly. Hairstylists and typists often develop carpal tunnel syndrome as well as expectant mothers. It can be resolved by open release surgery, in which the orthopedic plastic surgeon cuts your wrist open to operate, or endoscopic surgery, in which the surgeon makes two incisions into your wrist and inserts thin tools to repair the carpal tunnel.

Hand Surgery Doctor in Grand Rapids, MI

Plastic surgeons may be board-certified, but not all plastic surgeons are skilled in hand surgery. Hand surgery is a speciality and it could cost you a lot if it is performed poorly by less knowledgeable surgeons. Fortunately, Elite Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids, Michigan has hand surgery experts you can trust. To schedule a consultation, call 616-459-1907 or dial 866-331-0612 toll free.

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