Lift Your Spirits with a Breast Lift

As we age, everything sags, and this is about as welcome as finding out the Red Wings seem stuck in last place in the Eastern Conference for the foreseeable future.

For a woman, sagging in her breasts is especially a bummer. Our breasts flatten, lose volume (especially in the higher portions), and the nipples can even begin to point downward. If you’ve had a child or two, it’s almost guaranteed that those characteristics define your breasts.

But you don’t have to live with your flattened, sagging breasts. Why not come see us at Elite Plastic Surgery where Dr. Cullen, Dr. Armstrong, or Dr. Martin can perform a breast lift. This surgery will bring your breasts back up to a higher, firmer position on the chest. And if you’d like to add some volume, they can add implants as an easy extension of the procedure.

What is a breast lift?

 A breast lift, clinically termed mastopexy, removes excess skin and tightens supporting tissue to bring the breasts back up higher on the chest. The procedure aims to rectify sagging that has occurred due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, gravity, and simple aging. After this procedure, the breasts will be higher and firmer. It’s likely that we will reposition or resize the nipples and areolae as part of the surgery.

Who would benefit from a breast lift?

 Sagging is the deciding factor on if a breast lift would benefit a patient. If these characteristics fit your situation, a breast lift could be a good procedure:

 · Sagging breasts

· Breasts that have flattened and lost shape

· Breasts that have lost volume

· Breasts that have become elongated

· Nipples that point downward

· Unevenly sized breasts

It’s important for anyone considering a breast lift to contemplate if she wants to have children down the road. If so, a breast lift should be postponed, as pregnancy will negate its effects.

How is a breast lift done?

Our Elite surgeons employ different incision locations depending on the unique situation of each patient. Much depends on the amount of excess skin that has developed. These are the incision placements:

 · Two rings around the areolae in a donut shape. This is ideal if you have smaller breasts and there isn’t excessive sagging skin.

· Around the areolae and down vertically to the breast crease. Called the lollipop incision, this incision allows more access.

· Around the areolae, down to the breast crease, and outward in each direction along the crease. This “anchor” incision allows the most adjustment when the patient has significant sagging, excess skin.

Once the incision is made, your Elite surgeon removes breast tissue and reshapes the breasts, moving the mass upward. In most cases, the nipple/areola will be moved to a higher location. Excess skin is trimmed. In cases where the patient has lost volume, she may opt to have breast implants included with this procedure to regain lost volume. Adding implants is a simple extension, as our surgeons can place the implants through the incisions already made for the breast lift.

Tired of your sagging breasts? Call us at Elite Plastic Surgery, (616) 459-1907, and set up a consultation for a breast lift.

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