Bid Your Eyeliner Farewell

Permanent Makeup Grand Rapids, MIWho doesn’t love putting on eyeliner every morning? Come on. Hands? Wait, everyone’s hand is up.

With the exception, it seems, of Alicia Keys, every other woman in the U.S. grabs the trusty eyeliner every morning to accentuate our eyes. Many do the same with lip liner to accent the lips.

At Elite Plastic Surgery, we’re here to tell you there could be a better option — permanent makeup.

What is permanent makeup?

Also known as cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, or dermapigmentation, permanent makeup if a form of tattooing that implants pigment into the upper layer of the skin, eliminating the daily ritual of applying two components of your makeup: eye liner and lip liner. With permanent makeup the ink is not placed as deeply as in regular tattooing, so the color will fade over time, but with occasional touch-ups it will keep on looking great.

Who would be right for permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup can make anyone’s morning ritual lots easier, but there are some specific people who are great candidates for this procedure. If you’re allergic to traditional cosmetics, especially eyeliner, putting on makeup leaves your eyes itchy and watery. Permanent eyeliner is a nice alternative. If you’re older and your hands aren’t as steady as they once were, permanent makeup eliminates the chore and the subsequent corrections.

How it is done? 

Our Elite Plastic Surgery aestheticians have extensive experience with these procedures. First, they ask you what you prefer? Thicker eyeliner of thinner? Top and bottom eyelids? We have photos you can look at if you want to base your look on one of them.

Using the “hand method” your aesthetician then applies even pressure. The needle applies pigment to the top layer of the skin. Each time the needle penetrates the skin a droplet of pigment is released into the hole made by the needle. Generally 4-6 passes will be made across both eyes to complete the procedure.

For the lips, we create an outline, but also extend the shading into the middle of the lips just to provide a blended, natural look. This is not a full lip color tattoo, but it will make your lips look fuller and balanced.

Tired of the morning eyeliner and lip liner? Call us at Elite Plastic Surgery, (616) 459-1907, and ask about permanent makeup.

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