A Customized Lift to Trim and Tighten Your Inner Thighs – Thighplasty

Woman body full length sexy beautiful and sporty.Inner thigh fatty deposits are very resistant to the most stringent diet and exercise regimens. Many people who have been successful at losing weight typically do not see a notable improvement in their thighs, leaving an unbalanced body proportion. An inner thigh left – thighplasty – can achieve a more attractive and pleasing body contour by trimming unwanted fat, skin, and tissue.

Thighplasty for Body Symmetry

The goal of thighplasty is to give you slimmer, firmer thighs. This is an outpatient procedure under an anesthetic agreed upon between you and the doctor before treatment. Elite Plastic Surgery performs thighplasty on inner thighs with the goal of reducing visible scarring and monitoring your healing progress post-surgery for safety.

The latest techniques for performing an inner thigh lift:

  • Medial–inner–thigh lift gives the upper inner thigh a firm appearance after the removal of excess skin
  • Traditional inner thigh lift reshapes and tones the upper portion of the leg when there has been a substantial bodyweight loss

Good Candidates for Inner Thigh Lift – Thighplasty

Your overall health and medical history will determine if you’re a good candidate for inner thigh lift surgery. The flabby inner thigh area is often the result of a large weight loss leaving stretched, excess, unwanted skin.

Be advised: An inner thigh lift is not designed to be a weight loss remedy.

Thighplasty Combined with Liposuction

Candidates for an inner thigh lift have the option of undergoing liposuction concurrently with thighplasty. The end result of thighplasty is to gain overall body symmetry.

In conjunction with a thigh lift, liposuction can tighten lower body tissue and add a lift to:

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen

Liposuction helps to rid the body of stubborn fat, making you feel more confident in the way your body looks. This doesn’t mean that you should forego a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising regularly.

You Can Slim and Tighten Your Inner Thighs with a Surgical Lift

Schedule your thighplasty consultation with the experienced plastic surgeons at Elite Plastic Surgery. We proudly serve Grand Rapids, Michigan, and surrounding areas. Call 616-459-4131 today.

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