How Skin Cancer Reconstruction Minimizes Scarring

woman showing surgery scar.If you have received a skin cancer diagnosis and surgery has been recommended as the most effective treatment, you must be proactive in choosing a skilled cosmetic surgeon to treat you. All five doctors making up the practice at Elite Plastic Surgery have years of combined experience with all types of skin cancer removal and reconstruction surgery – including grafts and tissue transfers.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Goal

Reconstructive surgery after skin cancer removal should always be performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon having the goal of restoring the treated area so that it blends into the natural look of the surrounding untreated skin.

Making the treated area look like the untreated surrounding skin entails:

  • Remove cancerous tissue
  • Minimize loss of healthy tissue
  • Replace skin and tissue to minimize scarring
  • Following the natural curves and features of the face to minimize scarring

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Procedure

In the reconstruction phase of skin cancer treatment, healthy tissue is removed from an untreated area and placed over the treated skin. In cases where the treated area of skin isn’t too deep, a skin graft may be used. This is when a small portion of healthy skin top layers is utilized to cover the treated area.

One of the latest, effective techniques used to perform skin cancer removal and reconstructive surgery is known as Mohs surgery. This microscopically controlled surgery is used to treat either common or complicated and rare types of skin cancer.

Recovery After Skin Cancer Reconstruction

The skin cancer surgery team at Elite Plastic Surgery is devoted to working closely with you – including family members or close friends – from the first consultation, through the procedure, to the final recovery checkup. We pride ourselves on being available and accessible.

You may experience the following after skin cancer reconstruction:

  • Draining of fluids
  • Soreness
  • Redness

It is very important to follow all after-care instructions advised by our skin cancer surgery team.

This will typically include:

  • Cleansing the treated area
  • Applying prescribed or OTC topical medications
  • Using clean and sterile bandages
  • Limiting excessive activity
  • Reducing stressful duties

Your healing can be expected to last for up to two months. Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of pigmentation changes that may increase the appearance of scarring.

Seek Out Skilled Skin Cancer Reconstruction Today

Discover skilled skin cancer reconstruction today by calling 616-459-4131 and scheduling a consultation with the experienced cosmetic surgeons at Elite Plastic Surgery. We serve Grand Rapids, Michigan, and surrounding areas.

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