Surgery May be the Treatment Option for Your Skin Cancer

Man visiting young male doctor dermatologistYour skin cancer diagnosis will be the leading factor in determining the treatment option you and your doctor choose. Surgery is typically the most effective treatment for a skin cancer diagnosis. At Elite Plastic Surgery, our five cosmetic surgeons strive to provide surgery treatment and reconstruction plans having a skillful aesthetic outcome.

How Skin Cancer Can Form

When dead skin cells are not replaced by new cells, damaged DNA can form skin cancer lesions or tumors. DNA damage can be caused by overexposure to sunlight or tanning beds.

Even when ultraviolet radiation from environmental sources is not to blame for a skin cancer diagnosis, there are other issues that can increase your risk.

These common risks are:

  • Moles
  • Fair skin
  • Age
  • Heredity
  • Weakened immune system

Surgical Treatment of Skin Cancer

A cancerous lesion’s location on the body, its size and type, are factors playing key roles in opting for a surgical treatment choice.

Skin cancers are commonly treated by performing an outpatient surgical procedure using a local or general anesthetic. The cancer cells are extracted surgically along with the removal of a small amount of skin surrounding the lesion, known as the margin.

Outpatient Surgical Treatment for Skin Cancer

In addition to considering the anticipated aesthetic outcome after the surgical removal of skin cancer, our cosmetic surgeons design a reconstruction plan that won’t compromise your treatment.

Lesion removal with excision – also known as cutting out the lesion:

  • Recommended for small, contained skin cancer diagnosis
  • Lesions and a margin of surrounding skin are removed with experienced excision
  • Skillful closure of the area is performed after the excision to reconstruct the surgical area

Mohs Surgery to Remove Cancerous Skin Cells

Mohs surgery is recommended by our surgeons in more complicated cases involving intensive lesions. After the removal of the lesion through microscopically controlled surgery, the extracted tissue is examined in our office for cancerous cells while you wait for an outcome.

This surgical treatment is used to achieve the removal of all cancerous cells – a clear margin. If all cancerous tissue is not removed, your surgeon will then extend the margin and continue surgery to extend the extraction area.

Let Our Skilled Cosmetic Surgeons Guide You Through Skin Cancer Treatment

You can proactively find treatment for your skin cancer treatment and reconstruction by scheduling a consultation with the experienced cosmetic surgeons at Elite Plastic Surgery. We serve Grand Rapids, Michigan, and surrounding areas. Call 616-459-4131 today.

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