Guess Which Cities Have the Most Plastic Surgeons

Cities with the most plastic surgeons

plastic surgery grand rapids miPreconceptions can be highly inaccurate, especially when judging people. But in some cases, you’d think the ideas you had about something beforehand could be pretty accurate once all the facts were known. Take the number of plastic surgeons per capita in U.S. cities. If you had to make a list of the cities with the most plastic surgeons per 100,000 population, what would you say?

You’d have to say Dallas. What about Phoenix? San Diego? Los Angeles would have to be #1, right?

Bzzzzt. You get some lovely parting gifts and a home version of our game.

1) Miami, Florida

In statistics compiled in 2015 by the popular website RealSelf, the number one city is…wait for it…Miami, Florida. That’s right, with 3.90 plastic surgeons for every 100,000 residents the sunshine state’s southernmost metro area takes top prize. Guess that sunshine, coupled with the glamour of places like South Beach make it prime terrain for plastic surgery.

In second place, you could guess all day and not get it right.

2) Salt Lake City, Utah

Can you say, Salt Lake City, Utah? What? All of those good Mormons getting nips and tucks? Well, it turns out that living at altitude with lots of UV rays and lots of sunny days every year can beat up on the skin. Also, Utah has the youngest marrying age in the nation, so mothers who are still young, want to look young. Hello tummy tuck! Salt Lake has 3.12/100,000.

3) Los Angeles, California

In third place, finally some semblance of normalcy — L.A. with 2.98/100,000. California has three cities in the top 10, but probably not the ones you would guess. No San Diego. No Beverly Hills. The other California cites are San Jose in fourth and San Francisco in sixth. Again, probably not what you expected.

4) Austin, Texas

Come on, no Dallas yet? Home of J.R. Ewing? Home of the Cowboy Cheerleaders? But the next city is not Dallas, although it is in Texas — Austin. Austin has 2.78 plastic surgeons per 100,000 residents and is fifth.

Where’s Manhattan, right? New York comes in eighth with 2.61/100,000.

5) Grand Rapids, Michigan

Try and guess the final four and you have a better shot at picking the Final Four in college basketball. In seventh? The home of little old Elite Plastic Surgery — Grand Rapids, Michigan. Who knew? In ninth, Tampa, Florida. And in tenth? How about Baltimore, Maryland to round out the surprises. Baltimore has 2.48 plastic surgeons for every 100,000 people. Who knew that soft shell crabs could make you age!

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