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What to Expect When Having Chin Surgery

Chin surgery goes by a few different names, including genioplasty or mentoplasty. Regardless, you’re talking about a procedure designed to reshape the chin via either an implant or a reduction, depending […]

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More About that Chin of Yours…

In October’s first blog, we discussed one of plastic surgery’s under-appreciated procedures — chin augmentation. That’s probably the case because people assume chin augmentation has the goal of giving you […]

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Go As Kirk Douglas for Halloween

In Michigan sports, we’ve had lots of guys with tough chins. Guys like Gordie Howe, Alex Karras, Barry Sanders, Al Kaline, and Rick Mahorn. They’re kind of like our Great […]

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Upgrade Your Chin

While we’ve all been basically stuck in our house or apartment over this oddest of springs and summers, chances are you’ve been watching lots of old movies on Netflix or […]

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Strengthening Your Chin | Elite Plastic Surgery

Strengthening Your Chin

Kirk Douglas should have been a superhero — The Incredible Chin. Compared with the definition and strength of that chin, the rest of humanity comes up short. Whether you’re a […]

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Weak Chins and Loose Necks

Weak chins. It’s not right that some people, through no fault of their own, simply have weak chins. We can’t all be Kirk Douglas, but a little definition there would […]

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Chin Surgery

Change that Chin

Ever wonder if Kirk Douglas was a good actor, or if it was all about that chin of his? It’s a fair question because there isn’t another chin like his […]

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