More About that Chin of Yours…

In October’s first blog, we discussed one of plastic surgery’s under-appreciated procedures — chin augmentation. That’s probably the case because people assume chin augmentation has the goal of giving you a comic book-esque chin. 

No. These procedures are really about adding strength and contour to the lower portion of the face. They’re about getting rid of a receding chin or banishing a weak chin. 

In this Halloween blog, let’s finish up by answering a few common questions about chin augmentation at Elite Plastic Surgery. 

What results can chin augmentation achieve? 

It’s easy to forget about our chin, but when we see a strong chin on someone else, it’s easy for many of us to see how our chins don’t quite measure up…literally. While we often focus on our nose, eyes, and lips, our chin is the key to our jawline and the strength of the lower face. These procedures are very satisfying for our patients. 

How long will my results from chin augmentation last? 

These surgeries with our four Elite Plastic Surgery surgeons provide permanent changes to your facial structure. Once placed, the silicone or Gore-Tex implants do not degrade or move. They are there forever. 

When can I see results from my chin augmentation surgery? 

While initial swelling will mask your new chin to a degree, your results should be fully noticeable within three to four weeks after chin augmentation surgery. 

Is chin augmentation painful? 

These are not overly painful procedures to recover from. Pain is easily managed with the prescription pain medication we prescribe, although many patients feel that over-the-counter options adequately handle their discomfort. 

Can I combine chin augmentation with a facelift? 

Yes. A facelift removes excess skin and tightens the underlying muscle layer, bringing sagging tissues back upward. Facelifts are good procedures to combine with chin augmentation. If you have some accumulated fat under your chin and upper neck, we can perform neck liposuction to further slim and define your profile. 

The advantage of combining a facelift with chin augmentation is that you’ll have just a single recovery period for two procedures. 

Interested in chin augmentation at Elite Plastic Surgery? Call us at (616) 459-1907 and set up a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

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