Ear Surgery: Is It Really Necessary?

Ear SurgeryIf you’re like some people, having an ear deformity can destroy your confidence, make you hard of hearing, or make your facial features appear disproportionate. An ear deformity can even make you reclusive. Thus, when asked whether ear surgery is necessary, the answer is usually, “Yes.”

Common Ear Deformities

Stahl’s Ear

The human ear has many parts. If you have Stahl’s ear, then you have an extra cartilage fold in the scapha region of your ear. This condition can also make the top of your ear pointy. Although your hearing is not affected, your self-esteem might be as people with this deformity are often said to have “elven ears.”

Cauliflower Ear

Also known as “wrestler’s ear,” this deformity occurs when your ear is repeatedly injured. Unless you get ear surgery, cauliflower ear will eventually negatively affect your hearing, equilibrium, and cosmetic appearance.


You have an internal and external ear. Microtia is a deformity of the external ear. People who have microtia have abnormally small outer ears. Although your hearing is only minimally impacted, this condition can result in severe bullying and self-consciousness. Without surgery, this condition will not improve.

Benefits of Ear Surgery

Improved Appearance

Ear surgery may not improve your hearing, but it will likely improve the natural contours and bone structure of your face. Your ears bookend your face, so, when they look good, you look good.

Greater Confidence

You’re likely to feel a greater sense of confidence when you’ve had ear repair surgery. After the surgery, you may find yourself wearing ear jewelry, tucking your hair behind your ears, or taking down the hood of your hoodie.

Relieve Stress

Suppose your ear deformity is due to a particular event instead of a genetic disorder. In that case, ear surgery can help you feel like your old self before the traumatic event. This can help relieve you of stress and overcome the painful memory attached to your ear trauma.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ear Surgery Doctor

Ear surgery is a unique speciality that not every board-certified plastic surgeon is qualified to perform. Luckily, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you put your trust in Elite Plastic Surgery to repair your ears. To schedule a consultation, call 616-459-1907 or dial 866-331-0612 toll free.

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