Give the Gift of Good Skin

Happy woman doing routine skin care at home with beauty products.At Elite Plastic Surgery, we’re more than plastic and reconstructive surgery. We also take great care of the skin of our patients from Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. As part of that mission, we carry a variety of excellent, professional skincare lines. Any of the products from our lines would make great stocking stuffers, especially during our dry, indoor heated Michigan winters.

In this blog, let’s get into one of the lines we offer, Obagi. This line of skin care products is backed by research, making them far more than drug store line moisturizers, exfoliants, or other skin care products.

Stop by our offices on Cherry Street in Grand Rapids and grab that perfect last minute holiday gift for your spouse or friend’s skin! Or maybe your skin wants you to be your own Secret Santa!

What is Obagi skin health?

From the beginning back in the 1980s, Obagi has had a different approach to skin care. The company’s belief is that skin care is more than simply correcting or even preventing skin problems or issues — it’s about unleashing the skin’s full potential in each patient.

This focus has led to the creation of products intended for diverse skin types and skin tones. These are scientifically backed, clinical-quality formulations that promote healthy, future-facing skin.

Genuine Obagi skin health products are only available through physicians and skin care professionals. You can get them through the team at Elite Plastic Surgery.

What are the benefits of Obagi skin care products?

Obagi was started with a single product and a passion to transform the skin care industry. Now Obagi has dozens of products with millions of devoted patients/user/fans. Obagi products are created from research into the characteristics of different skin types.

That’s why they are offered only through physicians or other professionals, as each product has an intended target and condition or skin issue in mind. Obagi products are anything but “once size fits all” lotions and products promising the world yet delivering nothing.

The Obagi Personal Product Finder is the key to finding Obagi products. Delve into it here.

How do Obagi products work to help and improve the skin?

Because Obagi doesn’t believe there is such a thing as one product that can match all skin types and tones, they don’t make those products. Contrast this with other companies whose product lines are intended, well, for everyone. How does that serve the patient with dry skin and melasma? How does it fit the patient with sun damaged oily skin?

Obagi products are created and formulated for specific skin types and specific skin problems. By matching the right Obagi product line or individual targeted products with your specific skin type and skin needs, you’ll be amazed at the difference a little science can make in your skin.

Obagi products at Elite make great gifts for people in your life who care about their skin. Call us at (616) 459-1907 and ask about our Obagi line or stop in and see for yourself.

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