Contoured Thighs

Contoured Thighs | Thigh Lift Surgery Grand Rapids MIWhen a person has put in the effort to lose a good deal of weight, they can be discouraged to see the sagging on the upper thighs that remains once the weight is gone. This sagging on the inner and outer thighs, coupled with fatty deposits, can be almost impossible to address with exercise.

A thigh lift with the Elite Plastic Surgery team can successfully trim the excess skin and tissue, and remove the fat pockets to finish the job started with your weight loss.

Who is right for a thigh lift?

A thigh lift is meant to remove sagging skin and tissue that is leftover from when the patient had a good deal of extra weight. When skin is stretched for an extended period, it can be impossible for it to return to its former degree of tautness or contour. This is what a thigh lift can address, slimming the contour of the upper thighs.

But a thigh lift is not a weight loss procedure. Our Elite surgeons want their thigh lift patients to be at or near their ideal weight. This is because if the patient loses additional weight, additional sagging will accompany that weight loss, lessening the results of the thigh lift.


There are two basic techniques for a thigh lift utilizing either an inner or outer incision.

  • Inner thigh lift

Sometimes referred to as a medial thigh lift, the inner thigh lift uses an incision at the junction where the thigh meets the pubic area. This incision can usually be hidden and provides access to the necessary underlying tissues. A wedge of skin, along with fatty pockets, is removed and the remaining skin pulled upward.

  • Outer thigh lift

The outer thigh lift incision usually involves an incision that circles the top of the leg near the hipbone. The incision may wrap around to your hip or buttocks area, depending on the degree of sagging. Excess skin is trimmed, and the remaining skin pulled up and attached. An outer lift can remove larger amounts of tissue, and it can lift your buttocks along with your thighs.

Now that you’ve lost the weight want to also lose the sagging thighs? Call us at Elite Plastic Surgery, 616-459-1907, and set up a consultation for a thigh lift.

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