Common Myths About Otoplasty

You may not have heard about the cosmetic procedure known as ‘otoplasty’ but you may have heard of its more colloquial name, ear pinning. Otoplasty is the procedure to alter the appearance of prominent ears or the procedure that alters ears’ position or shape. There can be a variety of techniques utilized in otoplasty surgery from tissue manipulation to cartilage reshaping or even removal. Yet despite what you know or have heard about otoplasty, let’s address some common myths and misconceptions about the procedure.

1. Otoplasty Takes A Long Time For Results To Show

Results are actually immediate. Once recovery time is seen, and swelling is down, you’ll be able to see the work of our doctors at Elite Plastic Surgery and why we are elite. Typical recovery time is two to six weeks, with most swelling down at the two-week mark; however, seeing full results may take a few weeks, as soon as the dressing is undone, you’ll be able to see the general shape of your new ears!

2. Otoplasty Procedures Require A Hospital Stay

Not at all! In fact, all otoplasty surgeries are outpatient procedures with nearly all performed with local anesthesia. All patients get to go home on the same day!

3. Otoplasty Isn’t Needed, Protruding Ears Correct Themselves

Some people assume, incorrectly, that children will be able to ‘grow into’ their protruding ears. This isn’t true. By the time a child is only five years old, their ears are roughly 80% of their adult size, meaning, if anything, their ears will only continue to grow.

4. Otoplasty Impairs Hearing

Otoplasty does not impact hearing in the slightest. Your procedure will never once even have the potential to impact the inner ear, which is where the machinery for hearing resides.

Heard Enough Or Need To Hear More On Otoplasty? 

If you’re considering altering your protruding ears, or if you’d like to hear more about them, consider coming into Elite Plastic Surgery. Our staff is always willing to lend an ear to your concerns and questions! For expertise and care, give us a call to set up an appointment or consultation at 616-459-1907!

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